Flores El Capiro celebrates 10K container shipment of chrysanthemums

Flores El Capiro celebrates 10K container shipment of chrysanthemums

Flores El Capiro sent their 10,000th container shipment and celebrated this milestone on February 3rd. This Colombian company, specialized in the cultivation and commercialization of chrysanthemums for cut flowers, is a pioneer in shipping flowers by sea, generating 2,500 direct jobs and benefiting 5,000 families in the region.

“On February 3rd we shipped the 10,000th container and celebrated it with an artistic event with collaborators and family members, that day the container was graffitied as a work of urban art by great exponents of Medellin’s commerce, turning it into a unique piece.”Valeria Plazas, Market Analyst with Capiro, explains.

The container will travel from La Ceja to Santa Marta and then to Rotterdam. “With the unconditional help of the shipping company CMA CGM and the port of Santa Marta, we reshipped the container and saw it depart from Santa Marta port. Thanks to those people who walk hand in hand with us and help us to keep dreaming big.”

They also received a commemorative award for their 10,000th container from SMITCO – Santa Marta International Terminal Company. “This is proof that we are committed to the preservation of the environment, developing and implementing several sustainability and GHG reduction projects. We are currently in the process of obtaining Carbon Neutrality certification, thanks to the fact that they are working every day to reduce their carbon footprint, shipping approximately 88% of our flowers by sea. To date, we have shipped 10,000 containers by sea worldwide, which is equivalent to approximately 3000 tons of CO2; equivalent to an emission of 75,000,000 million tons of CO2 if they had been shipped by air transport.

Below are more pictures and videos about the celebration:

Fuente: floraldaily.com

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